My spiritual calling began at an early age in Brazil where I grew up in a multicultural and spiritual community. The journey since has been built on those formative years with a strong connection and commitment to spirituality.

I am a graduate of holistic therapies that covers all aspects of the mind, body and soul. This education is founded on science and spirituality as a holistic method, which I put into practice through my therapeutic treatments.

I believe the foundation for collective healing is based on the individual transformation and the notion of self-healing. 

Through focusing on self realization and the directing of energy flow within and around the body, my therapies and techniques work together to clear any energetic blockages and support the physical body’s own natural ability to heal.

I have studied multiple healing modalities including various forms of healing energy and bodywork such as Reiki, Theta healing, Chakra alignment, Shamanic healing, Reflexology, Pregnancy massage and Ayurveda Yoga Massage amongst others.

“I am committed to facilitate self-transformation by promoting well-being with clarity and compassion.”